Maja Nowadays

There are always awesomeness from my home town. I’m still surprise how Maja, village in Lebak, Banten–i assume as a remote area–will be a public town in near future. 
In these past two years, the infrastructur development is so rapid. The train station wasn\’t proper, now, it’s become huge and neat.  The market in front of it also , so people could easily go by. 
With the commuter line, we can directly go to Tanah Abang from maja. It only take one hour and half trip. Maja become accesible
My Dad now more often go to Maja by  train. From my house in Ciledug, he drive to Jombang Staion, Tangerang Selatan. He parked the car there, and he took the train. 
He enthusiastically told his siblings that facility. That’s why since two years ago, we could experienced  homecoming trip (mudik) like others family, by train. Usually we go by car. Though it only a short trip, it brings a new experiences especially for the kids. 
Last year, we\’re set a  parking lot in  front yard of Abah(my grandpa)’s house which located only 100 meter from the station. Its helped people who commute daily to Jakarta by train. “The parking lot name should be Maja Maju,” i suggested to my family. 
But now, the parking lot business went down. Since the train station is also set a spacious parking lot with low price. 
There also a news that Lion Air company gonna build an airport in 1.700 Ha area here. But then, The ministry of transportation don’t give their agreement. 
Last, try to “google” Maja. There are numbers of news about a cheap new house sold here. It’s only IDR 100 million for sure. Unfortunately, that’s last year news. Now, the house are sold in around IDR 500 million. Better luck next time, friends.

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